Friday, 08 June 2018

Inaugural Pathlight Learning Festival

Inaugural Pathlight Learning Festival

From 21 to 25 May, our Primary 3 to 6 students took part in our inaugural Pathlight Learning Festival (PLF). The event aimed to allow students to experience interdisciplinary learning of English, Math, Science and DLS through interactive and engaging activities.

Our students began their journey as the heroic partners of our PLF mascots each representing a different discipline: the Witch of English, the Wizard of Math, and the Mad Scientist. They had lost their powers, and were now seeking our students’ help in regaining them. Throughout the week, students took part in various activities to earn stickers to save the mascots. They got the opportunity to participate in an inter-cohort spelling bee where the best spellers of each level competed against each other. Despite this, they displayed good sportsmanship as they cheered and encouraged their friends. The students also went to the Giant Hypermarket branches at IMM and Tampines for Learning Journey in which they were taken around the supermarkets to complete various activity stations and learned how to use the self-checkout machines. They were also treated to an engaging talk on the importance of marine life conservation and got to observe some marine life creatures in a “touch tank” as well.

To round it all off, our students and teachers were dressed up in costumes with designs inspired by motifs related to English, Math, Science or Daily Living Skills. There was definitely a buzz in the air with all the creativity on display.

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