2019 Events (3)

2019 Events
Tuesday, 19 February 2019 17:54

Welcoming the Year of the Pig

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Ethnic costumes fashion parades, performances, concerts and class parties – Pathlighters ushered in the Chinese New Year with an array of school-wide festivities!

Our students enjoyed special cultural performances that were put up by the Performing Arts, Choir and Music Ensemble CCAs, sang along to their favourite Chinese New Year tunes and paraded their traditional costumes as they vied for Best Dressed. One of our student emcees even came dressed as the God of Fortune and brought an abundance of laughter to all students and staff! Our students also decorated the school campuses with their crafts, which added that extra festive touch! All in all, Pathlighters had a joyful time celebrating and learning more about the traditional and cultural aspects of Chinese New Year!

Tuesday, 22 January 2019 09:36

Insightful Start to the New Year

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Our Secondary 3 and 4 students had an exciting start to the new school year!

As part of the School’s Transition Planning initiative, they were given a sneak peek into the various possible industries and career opportunities that they can explore post-Secondary. Some of the organisations that our students visited during their orientation week include the Ministry of Manpower, Tower Transit, Park Hotel Alexandra, Building and Construction Authority and Jumbo Restaurant.

Our Pathlighters gained insight into the processes and skills required within the different sectors, such as the factors that need to be considered for the construction of buildings, and the mechanics behind bus operations. After the visits, our Pathlighters expressed their desire to work and contribute in areas where their passions lie, and the visits helped them set goals to work towards to. It was certainly a great start to the year!

Wednesday, 16 January 2019 10:20

100% passing rate for GCE O-levels!

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Congratulations to our 10 GCE O-levels students for doing well in their O-levels! All 10 were eligible to progress to Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs). Pathlighters even scored better (Grades 1-6) than national average for most subjects! We honour the hard work and resilience our students demonstrated to overcome the challenges and achieve these results. Our deepest appreciation to all educators, non-educators and parents for the hard work and dedication in making this possible. To our O-level graduates, we wish you all the best in your tertiary education. Congratulations on your graduation and never stop believing in yourself!