Thursday, 11 September 2014

Science Learning Journey for Primary 5 Students

Primary 5 students embarked on a science learning journey to the Singapore Science Centre on 27 August 2014. They attended two workshops – “Seed Dispersal Workshop” and “DNA Workshop” which provided them with experiential learning for their Term 3 science syllabus.

At the Seed Dispersal Workshop, students learnt about the life cycle of flowering plants from the various seed dispersal methods of different types of fruits. They also had the opportunity to carry out a hands-on activity by making their own gyrocopter to simulate the wing-like structures on plants. At the DNA workshop, students got to experience being laboratory scientists where they put on lab coats and attempted to study cells using plant cells and even their own cheek cells under the microscope. These activities have made the learning journey particularly memorable as they shared their interesting experiences with their families!

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